Matteo Salonia's dotfiles (GNU/Linux configuration)

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Salonia Matteo’s dotfiles


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Cloning note

NOTE! Please clone this repository with the following command: git clone --recurse-submodules

The directory dwm is a submodule that points to saloniamatteo/dwm and might not get downloaded when cloning normally!


A script to install various components is included. You can choose which component to install, and the script will help you.

NOTE: If you want to install packages, you can only choose pacman or portage (aka Arch or Gentoo); install packages yourself if you don’t have installed them already.

NOTE 2: When installing packages on Gentoo, the script will first ask you to configure your USE flags (you will be able to proceed to install the packages anytime you please, even if you don’t change your USE flags)

To run the all-in-one script, run the following commands:

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd dotfiles

Previews (dwm configuration)

See saloniamatteo/dwm#previews for more pictures.

Tiling st window with zsh prompt st-tile

Tiling st window with floating program tile-float

Tiling layout (programs: ranger, nvim, and tty-clock) layout-tile

CenteredMaster layout (programs: neofetch, ranger and htop) layout-centeredmaster


Have any issues with dwm? Check the man page or read the source code, it contains all of the custom keybindings that I use with dwm.

NOTE: saloniamatteo/dwm is the main repository for my build of dwm & dwmblocks. If you need any help, go there.

Others (not included)

NOTE: If you want to change GTK’s graphical settings on dwm, such as the cursor theme or the icon theme, use a program like lxappearance.

Firefox (LibreWolf) addons

Here’s a list of the Firefox addons I use:


Window Manager


I have included my own build of slock with two patches:

To install Slock, run:

cd slock &&
sudo make clean install

Another build of mine, called slock-red is included. This build has its background color always set to red.

Intel Undervolt


I have a ThinkPad T440p with an Intel Core i5-4340M (Haswell). I have installed a tool that undervolts the CPU. intel-undervolt’s configuration file is located over at /etc/intel-undervolt.conf. My config file can be found in the root of this repository and is not copied over by default for security reasons. You have to be careful with undervolting, so read the following info CAREFULLY!

I have found that the best performance obtainable by my laptop was achieved by undervolting withintel-undervolt, setting the CPU governor to “performance”, increasing the fan speed to 7/max (use the command .config/scripts/set-fan included with my dotfiles or use this helpful utility that comes with a GUI: tp-xfan), and using the power supply instead of the battery

I do not condone undervolting. Do it at your own risk.

Low battery notifier

I wrote my own low battery notifier. If one of your batteries’ capacity is less than 20%, it will send a critical notification, containing said battery name and its capacity. To make this work, you need to install a cron manager. (I use cronie)

After you’re done, run this command: crontab -e, then add these two lines (assuming $UID is 1000, which should be the first user you create, apart from root):

# if the user's battery's percentage is <20% and it is not charging, warn the user
* * * * * DISPLAY=:0 XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000 ~/.config/scripts/bat-warn

You’re done! I also have this in my root crontab:

*/30 * * * * /usr/bin/updatedb

Every 30 minutes the command updatedb will run, so that the next time you run locate FILE it will be very fast to show you where a file is.